One Shot One Life Music Video


February 7-8
First Free Youth Event
Lincoln, NE
February 20
Wilder Mind Tour
St. Petersburg, FL
June 12
Private Event
Lincoln, NE
September 16 - 19
Rhythm in 20
Estes Park, CO
September 20 - 23
Estes Park, CO
October 10 - 13
Estes Park, CO
October 14 - 17
Estes Park, CO
August 15 - 19
Wilder Mind Tour

Using Music to Connect Those Who Can Help with Those Who Need Help

Fearless album cover


We embraced the theme of this album and dared to take on a mission with Food For The Hungry to help an entire village community in Panali, Nicaragua. MyBridge Radio joined us in this mission and to date close to 300 children have been sponsored. Panali, Nicaragua is on a beautiful path of escaping poverty both physically and spiritually. To God be the glory.

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Unforced Rhythms

Unforced Rhythms

It makes no sense to set up a recording studio in a house by a river in Estes Park, CO and record an entire album as a surprise gift for only 400 people. But we did just that.

In a day and age when it’s all about doing things bigger and better and striving for more, we dared to go the other direction and we can’t think of anything more ‘rock and roll’ than that. Sorry you can’t buy this album or find it streaming on social media. But here’s one of the songs for you to enjoy below as a music video.

Thank you Harbor Ministries for the opportunity to do this album and for teaching us to chase cliffs.

Thin Places Music Video

Love Found Me album cover

Love Found Me

Every year thousands of women and children from Nepal are trafficked across the border into India and sold to brothels where they become sex slaves. We partnered with Love Justice International to help stop this from happening.

This album raised over $180,000 to support and staff five border monitoring stations at the Nepal/India border with the goal to stop sex traffickers. To date close to 500 women and children have been rescued at our border stations.


God of the Universe Music Video

VOTA album cover

We launched this album and a movement to encourage public high school students everywhere. To date we have toured to over 400 schools in over 40 states across the country with a mission to introduce students to Jesus and challenge them to live meaningful lives and love others.


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Cliff in IcelandTour
March 3, 2020


We had the incredible privilege of playing for 20 folks out in Iceland in support of Harbor Ministries. From the event website: "We need thin places. We must pursue those…
February 5, 2017

How much sound can a band of 2 guys make?

How much sound can a band of 2 guys make? VOTA is dead set and determined to find out. For this exciting new season of VOTA's 20 plus year career,…
February 5, 2017

Thin Places Tour

We had a blast on the Harbor Ministries Thin Places Tour.  The goal of this tour was to reconnect strategic leaders from all over the country for a night of…


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